People do not live forever and it is the quality of life that matters.  I wish everybody well.

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​​Act of Kindness.

Healing is an act of kindness.  Any good book will say that it is the good guys who do these kind of things.  I grew up in the Philippines where I have occasionally benefited from the help of local healers.  When modern medicine is not accessible it is better than having nothing at all.

Healing Treatment.

Healing complements western medicine.  It gives the patient an edge in recovery time and positive outcome.  Anyone who comes to see me for healing of any physical ailment I treat my clients sitting down and I do not touch.  The energy is free. For my time a $50 donation is recommended. If a client can not come to see me in person I can send them the healing energy.  It is called Distant Healing and benefits are the same.  Make a request on the Contact page.  Donation is voluntary.​​​​

​​​Usui Reiki.

After my first level Reiki class I was able to practice it on myself right away. It was subtle and comforting. There was no instant relief but it got me through each day.  In the course of time I learned everything I can find about Reiki. Now I can heal others.

​Komyo Reiki.

Reiki is a Japanese healing art.  A practice where we can direct healing intentions to help alliveate discomfort or dis-ease. There is no belief system in Reiki.  Just lay our hands and let the healing happen.

Distant Healing on Facebook.

The following conversation transpired on January 2013. The lady was in Kansas City, USA and I was in Vancouver, Canada.  She posted a testimonial on my Facebook page: Gerard's Wellness, Fibromyalgia Free.

Reiki Shihan Certificate from Hyakuten Inamoto Sensei

Gerard's Invitation to Wellness

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Learning Reiki Healing.

Living in Vancouver and starting on the guaifenesin protocol I felt I needed something that would complement it.  Reiki is mainstream with an organized teaching system so I learned it.  I am grateful to my teachers.​

Energy Practices.

Any energy practice such as Quigong, Tai Chi, Yoga or Reiki helps in the management of Chronic Pain condition.  I was so stiff at the begining Reiki was my best option.​

Reiki Master Certificate from Myorei Healing