​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Fibromyalgia Guaifenesin Protocol.

Dr. St. Amand was the first to use guaifenesin in treating fibromyalgia and called it the Guaifenesin Protocol.  He recommends a dosesage of 600mg. guaifenesin twice a day using a time release capsule available from his pharmacy.  

Dr. Norbert Kurland did further research on the guaifenesin protocol and tied fibromyalgia  with a thyroid or metabolic condition. In his website, fibrokur.com,  he recommends a gradual dosing to minimize "cycling" which can be just as painful as the fibromyalgia  condition itself.

​Dr. Devin Stralanyl is the proponent of excess phosphates detoxification in Fibromylgia and Chronic Myofacial Pain Syndrome. She has written a book about the treatment, Healing through Trigger Point Therapy.

In June 2012 I started taking 400mg. guaifenesin tablets three times a day and drank plenty of fluids to flush the toxins out of my system. There was no instant relief from fibromyalgia only small improvements that I looked forward to everyday. 

The recovery process with guaifenesin fibromyalgia treatment is slow and people have the ability to forget bad experiences.  To appreciate our progress in the treatment of fibromyalgia we need to keep a record of how we are feeling each day.  Within a year the arthritis in my hands was reversed and my fibromyalgia symptoms have greatly improved.  ​After 18 months I stopped keeping track of the symptoms and started watching out for salycilates in my diet.  

​​Guaifenesin Diet Watch List for Fibromyalgia.

Awareness of the different foods and medicines that can block the action of guaifenesin on fibromyalgia symptoms helps in the success of the regimen.  It does not mean that our diets have to be bland or boring. We can still have food that contain salycilates but in limited amounts.  The grocery list is an important part of planning our meals. Before shopping I check it first against this list:  salicylatesensitivity.com/about/food-guide/fruits/​​.

I stayed away from the following items for specific reasons:

     Aspirin - pure salycilate
     Soft drinks  - contains phosphoric acid

     Artificial Sweeteners - causes migraine headaches​

Herbal Preparations.

Herbal products are plant parts made into teas, tablets, capsules, tinctures and oil infusions.  Vendors have a vague idea of the active ingredients in their products more so of the salicylate contents. These things are potent and I treat them with the same respect as prescribed medicine.​​​

Back massage using a rubber ball.

For my back I lie down on top of a small rubber ball and do the same small circular motions by moving my body so gently.  My favorite is a knee hockey ball. It has some give and can get into tight spots like inside the shoulder blade.

Guaifenesin 400mg. tablets
Knee Hockey Ball

​Guaifenesin is also an effective muscle relaxant  and helps ease fibromyalgia symtoms.

A maintainance of one 400mg guaifenesin tablet 2 times a day works for me. I prefer to use the 400mg. tablet because it is affordable.

Gerard's Invitation to Wellness

​Stretching and Massages.

Fibromyalgia causes our muscles to contract and can not relax.  I have read somewhere that the nerves are constantly firing causing the muscles to bunch up. My chiropractor recommends stretching.  It squeezes the lactic acid out from the muscles and gives it a chance to recover. Massages compliments stretching. When I am doing self massages I use light pressure and do circular motions to loosen up the muscle. 

​Medications can also block Guaifenesin.

My family physician changed my blood pressure medicine from Atenolol to Coversyl.  This caused my fibromyalgia aches to flare up.  After my medication was replaced with Amlodipine it took a week for me to get back to "my normal".  From this experience I learned that some medications can also block the action of guaifenesin on fibromyalgia symptoms.  This is still unchartered territory and we have to suspect any new medication when we get a fibromyalgia flareup.

Prolonged use and kidney stones.

​Prolonged use of guaifenesin can cause the formation of kidney stones so I keep my dosage as low as possible and drink plenty of fluids everyday.  I am still taking 400mg. guaifenesin tablets twice a day.  So far so good.

Self medication is not proper.

Self medication is not the proper way of getting medical help. Unfortunately this is a poorly understood condition and it took me 4 years of complaining and a change of primary physician to finally be refered to a Rheumatoligist.  This is socialized medicine in Canada and I have to take care of myself.